Saturday, August 2, 2008

We did this to ourselves.

AT&T announces the death of the pay phone, almost 130 years after its birth.
The Daily News chimes in, ’’Pay phones becoming extinct ...,” on July 21.
Cell phones rang the death knell of pay phones. And now we’re all privy to this lack of privacy.
Remember swinging shut that hinged phone-booth door? We were seen but not heard.
And, so long as we fed the coin slot our words meant something, but only to the listener at the other end of the line.
And, remember when eavesdropping was considered rude? Now we’re all forced to listen in.
We did this to ourselves. We’re attached and dependent on those plastic cylinders, our cell phones. We slide them into pockets where once we might have stashed our cigarettes, determined to keep our mouths busy.
Now the time's come to hang up the pay phone, tear down the booth and evict Superman.

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