Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Final Fortnight

The most important e-mail message I received today is reproduced below. Please read it. Thanks

Friends, Virginians, citizens of Fairfax:

Twenty-five years ago, a band called Twisted Sister had a hit called "We're Not Going to Take It!" That's where this campaign is sitting. For ten months, we have walked this district, meeting voters and spreading a positive message of "new leadership." As we close in on Election Day, our spirits are high. And we're not taking it anymore.

Our opponents have no message (except slogans they borrow from us). On TV, it is fabrication, attack, fabrication, attack. Their thought is that we don't have the funds to fight back.


Today, we are airing a TV commercial that sets the record straight. Here it is. My opponent doesn't want people to see it, because it exposes her State Senate term as just another "no show" job. Apparently, she only shows up to raise Fairfax County taxes!

With every donation at www.fairfaxsenator.com, we keep this commercial on the air. And we keep our positive message on the ground and in the mailbox. That's the winning combination as we close in on Election Day.

Please help us keep this commercial on the air (and "no show" legislators out of the Virginia legislature). A donation of just $250.00 buys an additional time slot. As we prepare for Election Day, please contact kathy@fairfaxsenator.com or (703) 349-3361 to help us on Tuesday, November 6th. And, as always, let us know how we can represent you better.


Chap Petersen

Visit us at www.fairfaxsenator.com

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

and we'll all live happily ever after (or at least for a term)

Once upon a time, the Davises must have been either sufficiently impressive candidates/incumbents or incredibly lucky on their election days. That was then.

Recently, Jeannemarie Devolites Davis publicly and proudly called herself a Republican In Name Only, a/k/a, a RINO. Yesterday, Tom Davis effectively told the National Press Club that he couldn't even withstand the fight for the Republican nomination for Senate next year, let alone hope to defeat Mark Warner. But Tom, ever the babbler, gratuitously added the following, "so what? I've been a committee chairman in the House. I've got my portrait hanging on a wall. I've been pretty productive legislatively."

To recap, we're supposed to vote for Jeannemarie three weeks from yesterday, ignoring the party banner she and her husband have been running under their whole careers and which party they've reliably supported on issues from embroiling our military in the middle of a civil war in Iraq to imposing four digit fines for speeding? And, next year, we may have to consider sending Tom back for another two years, overwhelmed by the fact that there's a picture of him on wall and he's been "pretty productive?"

Tom Davis is many things, but he's not stupid. In fact, he's so taken with his own intellect that he just had to confirm what we all know about the virtual impossibility of getting the Republican nomination for Senate via a convention and he just had to signal yesterday that he thinks his wife will lose to Chap three weeks from yesterday. He knows better than anyone that if he can't even get his own wife re-elected this year, not only does he lack the support of the Republican faithful outside VA-11, his support within his district is gone.

Unfortunately, because Jeannemarie can't convert her campaign warchest to personal use, and because there are few other RINO's out there to donate the money to, the next 20 days will see more negative and lying ads about Chap. I suppose Republicans in Jeannemarie's district were so depressed anyway that her crappy campaign couldn't do any more harm to bringing out her vote. All she has left is trying to depress Chap's support.

The good news is that not only is Chap running a brilliantly uplifting campaign, but we have the power to do something quite easy to help ourselves for the next four years (and beyond, if Tom hangs it up) by getting off our butts for a few minutes on election day and voting.

If we do, like all good fairy tales, this one will have a happy ending.

Monday, October 15, 2007

PWC Residents, Please Secure Four No Votes

According to the leading private PWC resident in favor of tomorrow's proposal to fund the anti-illegal immigrant resolution, four of the eight Board members are committed to voting yes. That means the remaining four members must vote no to stop this hateful and recklessly expensive proposal. I strongly encourage PWC residents to do all they can to encourage the members listed below to vote no tomorrow.

Mr. Nohe
Office Phone: 703-792-4620
Office Fax: 703-792-4610 

Ms. Barg
Office Phone: (703) 792-4646
Office Fax: (703) 792-4993

Ms. Caddigan
Office Phone: 703-792-4645
Office Fax: 703-792-4622

Mr. Jenkins
Office Phone: 703-792-4668
Office Fax: 703-792-4669

Sunday, October 14, 2007

PWC Voters, Are Stewart's Priorities In Line With Yours?

Do Prince William County voters really care so much about illegal immigration that they'll re-elect a County Board Chairman who demands that the Board this coming Tuesday commit to spending more than $14 million on top of all the other required spending on schools and other services and even while cuts are contemplated for schools and other programs?

Check out the whole article from today's Prince William edition of the Wash Post - http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/10/13/AR2007101300180_pf.html - including the last line I excerpt below.

Jump in Tax Rate Looms as Home Values Plunge
20 Cent Increase -- $257 Extra in Average Bill -- Required to Pay for Schools Plan and Other Priorities
By Christy Goodman
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, October 14, 2007; PW01

Prince William County residents will see an increase in next year's property tax rate, no matter what.

County officials estimate that real estate values will drop by 14 percent on average, requiring at least a 13 cent increase to the 78.7 cent property tax rate to keep revenue stable. But to properly staff public safety agencies, pay for technology upgrades and build roads approved in a 2006 bond referendum, the tax rate would need to be closer to 95 cents. And to fund the county schools plan, the rate would need to grow to nearly 99 cents, for a $257 increase in the average tax bill.

These rates don't take into account the Police Department's need for $14.2 million over five years if a crackdown on illegal immigrants is carried out, or the costs of defending a lawsuit filed by civil rights organizations over the clampdown.

The projected rates do include cuts to employee benefits and delays in expanding the public safety training center and in constructing schools.

"We will be looking at declining values of residential real estate for four years in a row," County Executive Craig S. Gerhart said to the county supervisors during a meeting Thursday to discuss financial matters.

County staff members estimate a 30 percent drop in average home values between fiscal 2008 and 2012. And the real estate woes have led to a "ripple effect" in sales and business taxes collected by the county, said Christopher Martino, the county's finance director.

Despite what Supervisor W.S. Covington III (R-Brentsville) termed a "pretty scary" outlook, the chairman of the Board of County Supervisors, Corey A. Stewart (R), refused to consider a less-expensive, staggered implementation of the illegal-immigration crackdown. A vote on the program is set for Tuesday.

"It all has to do with priorities," Stewart told the board.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Vote for Chap and help put Tom out of his misery.


from inrich.com

"Republican leaders gave former Gov. Jim Gilmore a boost today by choosing to hold a convention to nominate the party's candidate to run for the U.S. Senate next year.

The party's state central committee voted 47 to 37 to hold a convention rather than a primary.

Gilmore, saying a primary would cost money needed to take on Democrat Mark R. Warner in the Senate race, had pushed for a convention. Eleventh District Rep. Thomas M. Davis III, saying a primary would broaden the party's base and boost the candidate's name reognition, sought a primary.

Neither Gilmore nor Davis has announced his candidacy. There was speculation that Davis, now, would not seek the nomination, leaving the field to Gilmore. A Davis spokesman said he would announce his intentions after the Nov. 6 General Assembly elections."

Friday, October 12, 2007

Can pride, just this once, go before a triumph?

You gotta love the poll numbers that show Mark Warner trouncing either Gilmore or Davis if next year's Senate race were held today.

Once again, I must liberally borrow from downwithtyranny.blogspot.com, which, safely outside the bubble of denial represented by the Washington Post, tells it like it is. I wonder how Jeannemarie the self-proclaimed RINO (Republican in Name Only) feels about Tom's voting record on abortion.

"The Post perpetuates the myth that Davis is a 'moderate,' which his voting record proves is untrue. Example: Davis has participated in 54 roll calls regarding Iraq. So how many times did this 'moderate' fail to just rubber stamp the Bush Cheney position? Once, a February 2007 nonbinding resolution. So he's a moderate because he only rubber stamped Cheney's demands for endless war 53 times instead of 54 times? And it certainly doesn't look like he's 'moderate' on women's choice. He participated in 23 votes and he voted the religionist right position against choice all 23 times. I'm sure the Post has some reason they call Davis and other wingnuts moderates. Maybe it's because they have never been photographed in a KKK or Nazi costume."

Countering a Demagogue

Raising Kaine did a great service today by publicizing some brave filmmakers who are documenting the scapegoating of immigrants that is occurring in Prince William County.

Please visit http://www.youtube.com/9500Liberty

I hope they can find some average Prince William County residents to go on camera. I'm sure the average voter, though they may tell poll takers one thing and may very well re-elect Stewart, isn't nearly as proudly racist as that one guy who couldn't abide hearing his cashier at Home Depot speak Spanish. I think if more voters could hear from the silent plurality out there who are in denial about the realities of immigration, legal or otherwise, they would feel safer listening to their own hearts and consciences and not demagogues like Stewart.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How Can Anyone Ever Vote for Either Davis Again?

Constituents of both Davises needn't wait until next year to send a message to them that it's time to retire, and this November Jeannemarie can be replaced with Chap!

Check out the latest outrage from Tom excerpted from downwithtyranny.blogspot.com:

The House just passed the War Profiteering Prevention Act by a vote of 375-3. It criminalizes war profiteering. Did someone decriminalize it? Not allowed is "overcharging in order to defraud or profit excessively from war, military action, or reconstruction efforts" and if Bush signs it-- lol-- it will be "a felony subject to up to 20 years in prison and fines of up to $1 million or twice the illegal profits of the crime."

If your mind works anything like mine, you're probably wondering what kind of sick slobs voted against this, right? I'm sure you know which party they all come from. The misanthropes who don't want to see war profiteering made illegal are:

-Richard Baker (R-LA), who has voted with Bush on every single Iraq roll call. H'es 100% so why sully that now?

-Tom Davis (R-VA), who is now trying to appeal to a much more right-wing and lunatic fringe GOP base as he tries to run for the Republican nomination to replace Senator John Warner and is trying to show that, at heart, he's just as insane as Eric Cantor-- or even more so. In the past, when he just had to deal with a moderate suburban district outside DC, he even once-- out of 55 roll calls-- opposed some Bush-Cheney scheme of destruction in Iraq. But that was then. Now's he's desperate to butch up his image. That and a big fat bribe from Erik Prince, the North Carolina Republican war lord who runs Blackwater and has given Davis over $700,000 in "campaign contributions." A real American that Davis. This was his argument against the bill-- which even kooks like Patrick McHenry, Mean Jean Schmidt and Doug Lamborn couldn't buy: "Hundreds of contractor lives have been lost over in Iraq, and I think the widows and the mothers, of these sons and daughters who've been killed in Iraq would be, I think chagrined to hear their sons referred to as profiteers."

-Mike Rogers (R-AL), as crazy as they come, so nothing more or less could ever be expected of him. You want to know exactly how crazy? Just look at his voting record regarding the well-being of America's military personnel. He's a lot more interested in the well being of America's war profiteers than of the young men and women who are on the front lines.