Friday, October 12, 2007

Can pride, just this once, go before a triumph?

You gotta love the poll numbers that show Mark Warner trouncing either Gilmore or Davis if next year's Senate race were held today.

Once again, I must liberally borrow from, which, safely outside the bubble of denial represented by the Washington Post, tells it like it is. I wonder how Jeannemarie the self-proclaimed RINO (Republican in Name Only) feels about Tom's voting record on abortion.

"The Post perpetuates the myth that Davis is a 'moderate,' which his voting record proves is untrue. Example: Davis has participated in 54 roll calls regarding Iraq. So how many times did this 'moderate' fail to just rubber stamp the Bush Cheney position? Once, a February 2007 nonbinding resolution. So he's a moderate because he only rubber stamped Cheney's demands for endless war 53 times instead of 54 times? And it certainly doesn't look like he's 'moderate' on women's choice. He participated in 23 votes and he voted the religionist right position against choice all 23 times. I'm sure the Post has some reason they call Davis and other wingnuts moderates. Maybe it's because they have never been photographed in a KKK or Nazi costume."

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