Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Final Fortnight

The most important e-mail message I received today is reproduced below. Please read it. Thanks

Friends, Virginians, citizens of Fairfax:

Twenty-five years ago, a band called Twisted Sister had a hit called "We're Not Going to Take It!" That's where this campaign is sitting. For ten months, we have walked this district, meeting voters and spreading a positive message of "new leadership." As we close in on Election Day, our spirits are high. And we're not taking it anymore.

Our opponents have no message (except slogans they borrow from us). On TV, it is fabrication, attack, fabrication, attack. Their thought is that we don't have the funds to fight back.


Today, we are airing a TV commercial that sets the record straight. Here it is. My opponent doesn't want people to see it, because it exposes her State Senate term as just another "no show" job. Apparently, she only shows up to raise Fairfax County taxes!

With every donation at www.fairfaxsenator.com, we keep this commercial on the air. And we keep our positive message on the ground and in the mailbox. That's the winning combination as we close in on Election Day.

Please help us keep this commercial on the air (and "no show" legislators out of the Virginia legislature). A donation of just $250.00 buys an additional time slot. As we prepare for Election Day, please contact kathy@fairfaxsenator.com or (703) 349-3361 to help us on Tuesday, November 6th. And, as always, let us know how we can represent you better.


Chap Petersen

Visit us at www.fairfaxsenator.com

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