Saturday, September 8, 2007

Credit for Warner/Signs of Dem Life/ CHAP!

I've been remiss in not updating and not timely giving credit to our very own Sen. John Warner for not only sticking to his guns in breaking with Bush but also for helping move toward getting us out of Iraq. I think you almost have to give the lion's share of credit to Warner for Gen. Petraeus' recent statements about a small redeployment maybe even by the end of this year.

Speaking of recent statements, there have been very hopeful signs from the Dem Senate Leadership on Iraq. Sen. Maj. Leader Reid has vowed not to compromise for the sake of compromise, and Sen. Durbin has vowed to stop giving Bush blank checks on funding the war. Though neither Sens. Clinton nor Obama need to take a leadership role here for the sake of their Presidential campaigns, it'll be very interesting to see how quickly they rush to the head of the parade if next week's debate turns into an anti-war rout.

Finally, the most recent news is that within the hour I spotted none other than Chap Petersen going door-to-door in my Lake Braddock neighborhood. We had a nice, albeit brief chat in the middle of Olley Lane. In the off chance any of my neighbors actually read this blog or perhaps see this post over at Waldo's aggregator, Virginia Political Blogs, and you haven't had the pleasure of meeting the #1 candidate on the scene today, you're in for treat. Go Chap!

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