Sunday, September 30, 2007

Jeannemarie Devolites Davis, the Dada Party Candidate

Jeannemarie Devolites Davis has asked us to ignore the GOP label which will appear next to her name on the ballot. This is beyond negative campaigning which only seeks to discourage turnout; she's actually trying to attract voters by claiming she's an independent and not a Republican. I suppose there are voters out there who won't know that the term RINO or Republican In Name Only is an insult and not a term of praise, but would those voters be encouraged to vote for someone who, in effect, is saying "I'm not who I say I am?" I'd give her credit for resorting to the ultimate form of postmodern campaigning, if I thought this was deliberate. Then again, maybe she's practicing politics as an aural artform. If I hear the "message" described in this article - - I could very well be mesmerized enough to forget to vote.


Anonymous said...

Do you REALLY think Chap is a Democrat? He wants to get himself elected again so he can keep himself in the public eye and make another run at a state-wide seat. He'll not represent his constituents the way others in "his" party would. He'll not stand up for women. He'll not stand up for civil rights for everyone, especially his gay constituents. He'll not object to guns in public places. If he gets elected without commiting to fully supporting these interest groups, I'll vote for JMDD. At least she knows she needs to moderate herself to keep her job (or even to make a run at the seat currently held by her husband). Chap needs to remain conservative to take his next step. How can you say he's the best to represent moderate Fairfax?

jsrutstein said...

I, too, wish Chap were more progressive, but I'm hopeful he'll understand the need to balance voting his conscience with representing his constituents. Any ambitions he has for statewide office will depend on an overwhelming hold on Fairfax County's votes. It's hard for me to imagine him losing NoVA and winning the rest of the state, because, no matter his positions and votes, the rest of the state is going to consider him one more Fairfax County elitist. It also remains to be seen how much the Dem Party of VA seeks to protect his future by keeping him from having to either cast conservative votes or flip flopping on issues like guns. Ultimately, if you and I want more progressive candidates, we'll have to find some and convince them to run. It's my first time voting in JMDD's district. My assumption is that Chap was the consensus pick of the Dems as the strongest candidate to beat JMDD. He's benefitting from a cratering climate for the GOP. If he wins, I hope he knows there was a bit of luck on his side, and realizes that if the party labels were switched, he might not have won. One final thought that I could see turning into a longer post here, wouldn't it be awesome if JMDD did lose and it convinced Tom Davis to switch parties? Thanks for reading and commenting.

Anonymous said...

If you are against gun rights then you ought to hate Mark Warner. There is a good 3-5% of voters who could care less about party label but will vote for the candidate who respects gun rights. JMDD is nothing but a pandering politician.

The pro-gun rights candidates, Cuccinelli and Petersen will be winners.

jsrutstein said...

Mark Warner at this point appears unbeatable by either a pro-gun or an anti-gun Republican.

If Chap wins, flip flops on guns, is renominated for a second term, and is opposed by a pro-gun GOP nominee, he'll probably win again.

If Cooch wins and flip flops on guns, he might not even be renominated for another term, but if he were renominated, he might be beatable by either a pro-gun or an anti-gun Democrat.

I think this part of VA is becoming more like the national platforms of the two major parties.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

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