Monday, November 26, 2007

Tom and Gerry, the clock is ticking.

How can we enjoy the holidays waiting to find out whether Tom Davis will run for re-election and whether Gerry Connolly will run for the Democratic nomination for Davis' seat?

Today, Sen. Trent Lott announced he's resigning before the end of the year. According to

"A Lott friend said part of the reason, and a factor in the timing, is a new lobbying regulation, signed by President Bush in September, extending the existing lobbying ban for former members of Congress from one to two years. The lobbying ban takes effect at the end of this year."

Undoubtedly, Tom Davis knows the effective date of the new lobbying ban, too. C'mon Tom, go for the gold! It'll be a win-win: more money for you and a better representative for your constituents.

Speaking of the voters of VA-11, does Gerry Connolly really think delaying his decision to run is hurting anyone but himself? Leslie Byrne is out there campaigning up a storm. If Connolly does run, he'll have a higher hill to climb, not only to persuade us that he has something to offer that Byrne doesn't, but also to offer a good explanation for the delay in announcing in order to overcome our doubts about how badly he wants the job.

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