Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Washington Post Asks, Is Tom Davis a Eunuch?

Eventually, I'll have to start a new blog, because I doubt Chap will face another Jeannemarie ever again.

Until then, I'll use this one to track the political future of Mr. Jeannemarie, a/k/a, Tom Davis (R-VA-11).

Today's Washington Post has what amounts to a pre-death obituary for the Davises.

I commented on a bunch of quotes from the article in a diary at entitled "With friends like these..."

I saved the best quote for here:

Michael W. Thompson, a longtime friend who is president of the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy, a center-right think tank based in Virginia....Just because she lost it doesn't mean he's a eunuch."


Anonymous said...

The Post article, though tough, portrays the Davis-duo as if they are owed seats in the US Congress -- Tom, in the US Senate, his 2nd wife (with her "statistical consulting" background) in the House of Representatives. With lapdogs like Dave Albo, this pack was due for a Cesar Milan moment. And how sweet it is!

Anonymous said...

interesting history from NOT LARRY SABATO blog

Here's some history from the GOP side which would not normally appears on this blog: The first time when Tom publicly supported his future mistress-then-wife was at a Northern Virginia Republican post-election rally a good half-decade before NLS's intriguing story. It was in February 1995 (3 months after Tom's defeat of Leslie Byrne for the 11th congressional seat in 1994) when the vacant Fairfax County chairman's seat was won for the first time that year by Kate Hanley. And so Kate's Providence supervisor seat was up for grabs and, from the Democratic side, Gerry Connolly was moving up from school board to run for Providence Supervisor. The squeaky Devolites was a neophyte back then who was seen as a soccer mom with more time on her hand than she knew what do with. Little did any of us who witnessed Tom's public support of her political endeavours back then imagine what a bitchy soap opera was about to be unraveled.

Posted by: IndependentObservor | November 10, 2007 at 04:53 PM

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