Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gerry's in today?

The WaPo reports today that Connolly will announce he's running for the Dem nomination for VA-11.

Unlike the Dem Presidential race, Byrne and Connolly, the clear frontrunners in terms of name recognition and funding, don't pose a choice between experience and change. Byrne and Connolly both cite experience.

Leaving aside whether this leaves room for Denneny [or Alexander?] to emerge as a serious contender, the WaPo article still leaves me thinking that the only difference between Connolly and Byrne is that he's not lost an election, while she lost her first re-election bid to Davis in '94 and the Lt. Gov's race in '05, though the Post points out that she received 55% from the 11th District in that race.

Perhaps more differences will emerge between now and the June primary.

I was hoping Connolly would stay out.

Now, I can only hope that the race is clean and fair and leaves whoever wins in a good position to win the general.

The GOP race consists of Fimian and Hunt with Fimian able to self-fund and according to the WaPo having Davis's support.

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