Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm for Leslie Byrne.

I've been leaning toward supporting Leslie Byrne in the race for the Democratic nomination for VA-11 ever since she announced last year. I was hoping Gerry Connolly would make my decision easier by not running. He didn't. I tried in vain to discover a reason to prefer Connolly. Last weekend, Leslie was endorsed by the Act Blue folks and participated in a liveblog at Firedoglake with Jane Hamsher and Howie Klein. With the fervent local backing of my two favorite local bloggers, Ben Tribbett and Lowell Feld, and now with the backing of two prominent progressive national bloggers, I proudly joined the Byrne Brigade at Leslie's campaign website. In addition to blogging here and commenting elsewhere, I'll be actively volunteering, and I hope to enlist all three of my kids. So, look out VA-11 residents. Even if you manage to miss my web words, you'll likely hear my voice and see me at your doors. I encourage everyone who isn't already pro-Leslie to check her out. I also encourage everyone who is already pro-Leslie to join the Byrne Brigade. And, if you have a website of your own, you can add a snazzy Byrne Brigade logo like I just did.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Joel! We'll look forward to working with you. Regards, Leslie

jsrutstein said...

No, thank you Leslie for fearlessly running as a progressive.

Anonymous said...

"No thank you."

"No thank YOU."


Sheesh! Get a room you two!

jsrutstein said...

It's a brigade thing. You wouldn't understand, unless of course you sign up. Go for it. You know you want to.