Saturday, July 7, 2007

If The Hague Pardons Bush and Cheney Will They Go Away?

Nixon resigned over a tape showing he participated in covering up a bungled burglary. Clinton was impeached over a dress with DNA proving he lied about, and obstructed the investigation of, an extra-marital affair.

After all this spilled blood and treasure, can't we throw out Bush and Cheney over their "plan" to indefinitely maintain over one hundred thousand of our military personnel in a place where the best case scenario is that our losses and their civilian losses will be held to a minimum and the worst case scenario is unsustainable losses for us, unconscionable losses for their innocents, and the strengthening of Iran at the very time we're rattling our sabers against them only helping those there who want Iran to join the nuclear club?

How ironic is it that Bush and Cheney are hiding behind the legalistic fiction that, because they haven't committed any high crimes or misdemeanors, they can't be impeached? This from the gang who thinks the Geneva Conventions are "quaint" anachronisms.

The problem is there seems to be no political leverage to bear. Democrats only benefit from the further degradation of the Republican Party. Republicans are so close to the bottom they see no upside at all. What could possibly force Bush and Cheney to orderly bring our troops home? More frighteningly, what could possibly prevent them from taking the fight to Iran?

If the thought of a lying politician being allowed to remain President from August 1974 to January 1977 was abhorrent, the thought of Bush and Cheney being allowed to remain in office one more day ought to be doubly so.

Still, I don't think a sufficient number of people are ready to break the law. I know I'm too afraid to. I can only cowardly confess that I hope my representatives come back from their August recess and use the power of the purse to force a Constitutional showdown.

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i.m.small said...


So I have made my break: no pixie
Allow to sway me, Lord.
The time will be for "whistling Dixie"
When they, my foes abhorred,

Have been defeated, not before:
Though they present it cruel
To whistle now their tune of war
Must play me for a fool.