Sunday, July 8, 2007

Is the iron hot enough?

With national Dem silence, Paris Hilton's travails, the Libby commutation, and Live Earth, I forgot about the summer campaign to target Republicans who might break with Bush and Cheney on Iraq. See for more details.

Anyway, how convenient is it that one of the targets is our very own Tom Davis? It's even more convenient for those of us blessed to live in both Tom's Congressional District and his wife Jeannemarie's VA Senatorial District.

So, while Chap deftly counters Jeannemarie's ill gotten money and negative campaigning, simultaneously presenting his positive vision for our VA Senatorial District's concerns, let's help him out and ask Jeannemarie what she's doing to get her husband to do the right thing on Iraq.

A while back I extolled the happy chance we have to kill two birds with one stone in defeating Jeannemarie this November and badly damaging Tom's political future next year. This became three birds with the likely retirement of Sen. John Warner. Now, we can make it four birds with a serious blow to Bush and Cheney on Iraq.

I refuse to believe that my fellow voters of both Tom's District and Jeannemarie's District aren't snugly in the majority of current polls. Only Republican attempts to get us to stay home on election day can stop us. Frankly, I think it'd be immoral not to vote for Chap this November.

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