Thursday, July 12, 2007


Today, Tom Davis, who was elected to represent us in the U.S. House of Representatives, again spat in our faces by voting against a bill that establishes a timetable for withdrawing our troops from Iraq. He's not listening to us. He's not even listening to Sen. John Warner, the man whose seat Davis badly craves. Instead, he appears to be one of the few remaining diehards who still listens to Bush and Cheney. I wonder if he would listen to his wife. Is she even brave enough to state her position on the number one issue? Shouldn't she have to come out of the closet on this? After all, she not only wants us to give her another term in Richmond and not vote for a damn impressive challenger, Chap Petersen, this November, a number of people believe her husband would love to have her succeed him in his House seat as he ascends to the Senate. Dream on Davises. Until we hear otherwise, we have to assume that on this, as on every other issue, Jeannemarie would vote exactly as her husband does, and increasingly against the interests and wishes of their constituents. See, for example Jeannemarie's vote for the very flawed transportation bill. Also, please note how she crows about her leadership on that very bad bill. What's next? Is Tom going to lecture us on how courageous he is in prolonging our nightmare in Iraq, just as Bush claimed today to be standing on principle, as if either of them has any principles? Would a prinicpled person subpoena Terri Schiavo? Give us a break! Better yet, let's give ourselves a break.

Impeach Cheney.
Impeach Bush.
Vote for Chap.
Never vote for Tom.

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