Monday, July 16, 2007

Random Monday

So much happening, so little time to blog.

1. First things first - Bush and Cheney still suck and should be impeached. The reasons for, and sources of information on why, are obvious and need not be repeated here. The latest news is somewhat positive, in that today Sen. Majority Leader Reid appears set to pull an all-nighter tomorrow, unless, of course, a sufficient number of Republicans blink, which is doubtful.

2. Health care - Have you seen Sicko? You should. Whatever you think about Michael Moore, he is doing all of us a favor by highlighting what would be our number one issue if Bush and Cheney hadn't committed war crimes by waging an illegal war. The latest news on this is pretty good, too. CNN picked the wrong guy to challenge. In their latest rationalization, CNN said the following:

"CNN has always prided itself on balanced reporting of claims made by special-interest groups. Moore's documentary "Sicko," which makes an impassioned case for a complete overhaul of the U.S. health care system, was not exempt from that reporting."

Excuse me?! Are they seriously accusing Moore of being a "special-interest?" For my part, I'm damn grateful that he's done what he's done. Sicko is a powerful statement that may do more to improve more of our lives than CNN has ever or will ever do. I actually think CNN was lazily displaying their knee-jerk approach to journalistic objectivity by assuming that any opposing force to a clear special interest, like the for-profit health care industry, must also be a special interest. At what point, do the needs of individuals get to be heard, if not for heroes like Moore? If CNN really thinks we have no more moral standing than corporations who exist solely to make money, I will gladly join him in doing whatever it takes to bring that corporation to its non-corporeal knees.

3. Chap, naturally. How great is it that Chap actively blogs at oxroadsouth and not only do we get to hear about personal stuff that demonstrates how a part of our community he really is, but he's taken on some really hot button issues like guns. His latest posting is on the number one local issue - the newly imposed abusive driver "fees". Chap nails it by calling a spade, a spade. These "fees" are nothing but disguised taxes, and, as such, are very poorly designed. Chap is able, as even some Dems (even Gov. Kaine sadly) aren't because they supported the "fees," to criticize. He even points out that a one cent increase in the state gas tax would raise the same amount of revenue as the "fees." I only hope he isn't Walter Mondaled about this. Thanks to Alice at GOTV for alerting me to Chap's latest post.

4. Finally, the 2008 Presidential race, for which, I'll make an exception to my policy of not talking about 2008 before we settle the 2007 elections. Ben, over at NLS, has endorsed Hillary. How can I break it to my Chicago brother the Obama supporter that it's now over? Seriously, I can see a strong case for the Dems coalescing around Hillary and making history. Anna Quindlen at has made a good case for a Clinton/Obama ticket (for the record, I touted this a while ago - ask my brother). We would even have a very good local reason for supporting Hillary, namely that an excited electorate seeing an older blonde at the top, might sweep another older blonde, namely Leslie Byrne, to victory in the 11th CD. I wonder if Jeannemarie would bleach her hair to continue her disguising her GOP dark roots if Hillary got the nomination.

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jsrutstein said...

I'm not above commenting, even being the first commenter, on my own post, even just a minute after posting. Frankly, I'm not sure anyone is reading this blog. Nevertheless if you've gotten this far, please know that my policy of not talking 2008 also doesn't extend to Tom Davis bashing. Peace.